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UCLA Department of Mathematics
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Los Angeles, CA 90095-1555
Office: Math Sciences Building 6191
Phone: (310) 825-4984

An extension of the Fukaya-Kato method
submitted for publication

Toroidal compactifications of the moduli spaces of Drinfeld modules, I
with Takako Fukaya and Kazuya Kato, preprint

Eisenstein cocycles in motivic cohomology
with Akshay Venkatesh
submitted for publication

Generalized Bockstein maps and Massey products
with Yeuk Hay Joshua Lam, Yuan Liu, Preston Wake, and Jiuya Wang
to appear in Forum of Mathematics, Sigma

Reciprocity maps with restricted ramification
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society (2022) (journal version)

Exterior powers in Iwasawa theory
with Frauke Bleher, Ted Chinburg, Ralph Greenberg, Mahesh Kakde, and Martin Taylor
Journal of the European Mathematical Society (2022) (journal version)

Higher Chern classes in Iwasawa theory
with Frauke Bleher, Ted Chinburg, Ralph Greenberg, Mahesh Kakde, George Pappas, and Martin Taylor
American Journal of Mathematics (2020) (journal version)

Iwasawa theory: a climb up the tower
Notices of the American Mathematical Society (2019) (journal version)

Compactifications of S-arithmetic quotients for the projective general linear group
with Takako Fukaya and Kazuya Kato, in Elliptic Curves, Modular Forms and Iwasawa Theory
In Honour of John H. Coates' 70th birthday
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics (2016) (book version)

Modular symbols and the integrality of zeta elements
with Takako Fukaya and Kazuya Kato, Annales Mathématiques du Québec (2016)
Special issue in honor of Glenn Stevens' 60th birthday (journal version)

Modular symbols in Iwasawa theory
with Takako Fukaya and Kazuya Kato, in Iwasawa Theory 2012
Contributions in Mathematical and Computational Sciences (2014) (book version)
Related preprint of Fukaya and Kato: On conjectures of Sharifi

The reciprocity conjecture of Khare and Wintenberger
International Mathematics Research Notices (2014) (journal version)

Nekovář duality over p-adic Lie extensions of global fields
with Meng Fai Lim, Documenta Mathematica (2013) (journal version)

Galois module structure of local unit groups
Algebra & Number Theory (2013) (journal version)

A reciprocity map and the two-variable p-adic L-function
Annals of Mathematics (2011) (journal version)

Cup products and L-values of cusp forms
Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly (2009) (journal version)

On Galois groups of unramified pro-p extensions
Mathematische Annalen (2008) (journal version)

Iwasawa theory and the Eisenstein ideal
Duke Mathematical Journal (2007) (journal version)

Massey products and ideal class groups
Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik (2007) (journal version)

On the failure of pseudo-nullity of Iwasawa modules
with Yoshitaka Hachimori, Journal of Algebraic Geometry (2005) (journal version)

A cup product in the Galois cohomology of number fields
with William McCallum, Duke Mathematical Journal (2003) (journal version, related computations)

Relationships between conjectures on the structure of pro-p Galois groups unramified outside p
Arithmetic Fundamental Groups and Noncommutative Algebra
Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics, Springer (2002)

Determination of conductors from Galois module structure
Mathematische Zeitschrift (2002) (journal version)

Minimal conductors of Kummer extensions by roots of unit elements
Journal of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society (2001)

On norm residue symbols and conductors
Journal of Number Theory (2001) (journal version)

Twisted Heisenberg representations and local conductors
Ph.D. thesis, The University of Chicago (1999)

Ramification groups of nonabelian Kummer extensions
Journal of Number Theory (1997) (journal version)

On cyclotomic polynomials, power residues and reciprocity laws
L'Enseignement Mathématique (1997) (journal version)