Homeworks for Math 151B

Homeworks are typically assigned on Fridays, and are due the following Friday during class. The homeworks will typically consist of some theoretical problems, and a numerical problem. It is strongly encouraged that the numerics problems are done using Matlab. We will also give some support if you want to use C++ or FORTRAN. There won't be any support if you plan to use another programming language. An introduction to Matlab will be given in the first discussion period.


Solutions are also posted for the theory part of each homework. They will be posted a few days/weeks after the homeworks have been graded.

Please note: There is no guarantee that these solutions are correct, or that they are the only or most elegant way to solve the problem. These are simply hand-written notes that have been scanned. Please let me know if you think there is a problem!

Homework 1 assigned: April 8; due: April 15. Solutions

Homework 2 assigned: April 14; due: April 22. Solutions

Homework 3 assigned: April 22; due: April 29. Solutions

Homework 4 assigned: April 29; due: May 6. Solutions

Homework 5 assigned: May 5; will not be graded or collected! Solutions

Homework 6 assigned: May 12; due: May 20. Solutions

Homework 7 assigned: May 18; due: May 27. Solutions

Homework 8 assigned: May31; due: June 8. Solutions