Mathematics 151B, Numerical Analysis

Spring Quarter, 2005 Numerical Analysis

Instructor: Christian Ratsch, MS7619c
Phone: 825-4127; E-mail:
Class Webpage:
Office Hours: Mo 12-1, Tu 3-4, Fr 12-1
Meeting Time: M,W,F, 11:00 - 11:50, MS6229
Discussion: Thursday 11:00 - 11:50, MS6229
Textbook: Burden and Faires Numerical Analysis
Teaching Assistant: Stephen O'Dell; e-mail:

Course Description


Some hints for the Final Exam, June 16

Homeworks are typically assigned on Fridays, and are due the following Friday during class.

Additional Material
Here you will find viewgraphs, tables, codes, and other material that has been shown during class. In fact, we will use this web page during class to display the material.

Grading Policy

Numerics Project (assigned April 20; due: May 18)