Grading Policy for Math 151B

The grade of this class will consist of the following parts:

Homeworks will typically be assigned on Fridays, and are due the following Friday. The homework with the lowest score will be dropped (so you can miss one homework assigment).
The homeworks will count 20% of the final grade

Numerics Project
In the second half of the quarter (around week 6) you will be assigned one more elaborate homework, which counts as a project. You will have 2 weeks to work on it. This will be a computational project. You are allowed to work with and talk to other students, but you have to turn in your own individual project.
The Numerics Project will count 20% of the final grade

The midterm will be given on Monday, March 10, during class.
The midterm will count 20% of the final grade
If you miss the midterm, but have a valid excuse, all the other contributions to you final grade will be scaled.

Final Exam
The Final Exam will be given ....
The final exam will count 40% of the final grade