2023-2024 Mentors

Shilpa Bojjireddy
3rd Year, Math of Computation

Hi! I'm Shilpa Bojjireddy, a 3rd year Mathematics of Computation major from Austin, Texas. I've been on quite the journey through various math majors (and even a bit of biochem), but I've finally found my fit with Mathematics of Computation. At UCLA, I’m a part of SWE and work at the SEAS Lab! I also work part-time as a development intern for a cloud security company. Outside the world of academics, I love basketball, gardening, and cooking! Whether it's about trying to pin down the best major or mapping out your social or professional path at UCLA, I'm here to help you navigate the way. My goal is to be your go-to person, supporting you in every possible way throughout your UCLA journey. I can’t wait to meet you all!

Shreyas Kamath
3rd Year, Math of Computation

What’s up everyone! I’m Shreyas and I’m a third-year math of computation major from San Diego, California. I’ve been a competitive swimmer my whole life and like other SoCal natives, I love going to the beach. I always have an open mind, and I'm often out and about, eager to experience new things and perspectives. For the past year, I've been working in the Emergence of Communication Lab at UCLA, starting as a research assistant and now as an undergraduate student researcher. My focus has been on using deep learning techniques to describe child-infant speech patterns.After completing my undergrad, I plan to pursue graduate school and focus on research that utilizes computational methods to model and analyze the intricacies of human cognition. I would love to be your “go-to guy” for anything related to class selection, research opportunities, career exploration, and much more. And hey, while we're at it, how about we all grab dinner or hang out somewhere? I’m super excited to be an UMSA mentor not only to help you succeed academically as a mathematics student here at UCLA but also to bond and get closer to the math community here.

Michael Lui
4th Year, Math of Computation, Transfer Student

Hello everyone, my name is Michael Lui, I am currently a 4th year Mathematics of Computation major. I was raised as a kid in Arcadia California but moved for a short stint with my family to Acton Massachusetts (Go Red Sox) and moved back to California to live in Palos Verdes. As a kid, I remember being fascinated by discovering mathematical patterns and trying to adapt my view of the world to them. I remember in elementary school when my math teacher was showing how two opposing 2d vectors in different directions would never intersect, but I thought of a counterexample that was if the opposing vectors were on a spherical topological space such as the globe of the earth then there could be intersection between the two opposing vectors. Coming to UCLA as a transfer student there have been some ups and downs, some very tough battles I have pulled through and won ferociously and some I suffered great humiliation. Coming from a community college, where I was always top or near the top academically in all of my classes, I brought this ambition as I came to UCLA as a transfer student. This caused me to often find myself struggling in transitioning to UCLA’s academically rigorous environment. I hope as a mentor here at UMSA I can act as a teacher, a friend and someone who can listen and provide insightful advice to new freshmen and transfer students in handling UCLA’s math classes. I hope to give beneficial insight to everyone I work with at UMSA with my experience of taking core upper division math classes and advising students on how to have a healthy schedule that fits their strengths and weaknesses. I have tutored college math for a number of years and with the experience of struggling in math classes myself, I have built a lot of sympathy and wisdom towards navigating and enjoying the learning process. I am interested in using applications of mathematics in the field of technology and computer science in such mathematical fields such as linear algebra, graph theory and network fundamentals, and algorithmic efficiency to work towards bettering many of the systems this field is built upon. I am a really big soccer (football) fan and in my free time I like to coach, play and watch the sport that still constantly mesmerizes me and I am always down to talk about the latest transfer individual player, or team news with anyone.

Nick Monozon
4th Year, Applied Math (and Statistics Minor)

Hey everyone! My name is Nick Monozon and I’m a fourth-year applied math major and statistics minor from the Bay Area. I came to college as a biology major, and I know how difficult and uncertain choosing a major can be (especially after changing mine three times), so I can hopefully provide some guidance inthis regard! At UCLA, I’m an active member of the Data Science Union and do research in the Mathematics and C&EE departments, particularly in hypergraph theory and material optimization. My immediate plans after graduation are to pursue a master’s degree in statistics and go into industry as a data scientist. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and baking new things, watching new TV shows, keeping up to date on world affairs, and exploring the Greater LA area. As a mentor, my goal is to make UCLA feel a little smaller; in a school of over 30,000 undergraduates, finding resources, community, and opportunities can be surprisingly difficult. I want to help you achieve your goals, whether social, academic, or professional. From class planning to helping you expand your network, I’ll be there for you. Feel free to reach out to me, and I’m so excited to meet you all!!

Sam Rhee
4th Year, Pure Math (with Specialization in Computing), International Student

Hi everyone! I’m Sahngyoon Rhee, and I usually go by Sam :) I’m a fourth year pure math major with specialization in computing. I am an international student from South Korea and have also lived in Kansas for about six years. I’m excited to see you here! As a person who didn’t do any competitive math or AP courses while I was in high school, I feel lucky that I’m able to be here to help you navigate mathematics at UCLA. My math courses range from Math 61 (lower division discrete mathematics) up to Math 246 series (yearlong sequence of graduate level complex analysis), so I am confident that I xN give you not only a variety of perspectives in learning math but also the nooks and crannies in getting into courses you want and where to get help. I also am very aware of the huge difference in classroom environment/culture between the U.S. and East Asia, so I can give you tips on how to engage more effectively with your professors and your teaching assistants if you are from East Asia and new to the culture here. I’m into spirituality and I also love to converse with people from different cultures! I would love to talk with you in Spanish too :) Please feel free to reach me out!

Jun Ryu
4th Year, Applied Math + Statistics (with Specialization in Computing)

Hey everyone! My name is Jun Ryu (he/him) and I am a fourth year double majoring in applied mathematics and statistics with a specialization in computing. I’m from Orange County, CA, but I spent most of my preteen years in South Korea. In my spare time, I love to pick up new instruments and jam, have “heated” discussions about the NBA, and randomly explore new places in search of good food. As someone who felt uncertain about what to do after undergrad and had to switch around majors a lot, I hope I can provide some guidance to those who may be feeling the same way right now! Also, if you’re looking to work on cool projects regarding data science and/or applied math, I’m always open to collaborate. Can’t wait to meet you all soon!

Kevin Wong
4th Year, Math/Econ

Hi all! I’m Kevin Wong and I’m a fourth-year Math/Econ major, concurrently pursuing my masters. I’m originally from Colorado, which means snowboarding is about a third of my personality. I’ve done a variety of courses here at UCLA, undergrad and graduate, applied and pure, so I’m confident in helping navigate you either way. My past research projects have included Mathematical Finance, Markov Chains, and fluid dynamics via Navier-Stokes, the latter of which was with Prof Terry Tao himself, so if you’re interested in research, I have extensive background there. Professionally, I’ll be pursuing grad school and eventually breaking into quantitative finance, so no matter your goals, I’m confident I can give you some pointers...or know someone who would. Outside of school, I love food:making it, eating it, or finding newvrestaurants for it. And the last third of my personality is that I’m an avid concertgoer so I’m always happy to check out a show. Otherwise, I’m always happy to help with academics, navigating UCLA math, and overall figuring out your college experience. Hope to see you around!

Bowen Zhang
3rd Year, Applied Math + Statistics (with Specialization in Computing)

Hey everyone, I am Bowen Zheng (he/him) and a third-year applied math and statistics double major with a specialization in computing. I mostly claim that I am from the bay, but I was born in northwestern China, and I grew up in Singapore and the Midwest (Minnesota!). I love culture and food and am actively involved in the Singapore Students Association and American Chinese Association at UCLA. Outside of school, I work as a finance/accounting director at a small start-up, and I like to cook and explore LA! I also love sitting down to enjoy a nice afternoon, and with the combined effort of four housemates, we almost have every streaming service and a very fancy, yet decrepit, sound system for movies and video games. At the end of the day, I am looking forward to providing resources on anything from “how to enjoy a trouble-free school year” like class scheduling or having a community that you can relax with at the end of the long week with a nice meal or a movie/game night.

Rachel Zhang
3rd Year, Math/Econ

Hi! My name is Rachel Zhang and I am currently a 3rd year Math-Econ major from San Diego. I’m involved in the Bruin Finance Society and am also a Finance intern at HNTB outside of school. I love to crochet, read, and thrift in my free time! I’m looking forward to meeting cool people and exchange advice this year as a mentor :)