Math 95: Transition to Upper Division Mathematics
Summer Session C, 2018

95 - part 1
95 - part 2

INSTRUCTOR: Michael Andrews
Office: MS 6322
TA: Kevin Carlson
Office: MS 6160
OHs: M 4-5pm (Michael), T 3-4pm (Michael), R 11am-1pm (Kevin), F 9am-12pm (Michael, joint with 115A)

(Note: Friday August 17th OHs are moved to 2-5pm)

LECTURES: BOELTER 2760; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; 9:00-10:50am.
DISCUSSION: BOELTER 2760; Thursday; 9:00-10:50am
TEXTBOOK: S.H. Friedberg, A.J. Insel, L.E. Spence, Linear Algebra. Prentice Hall. Custom UCLA fourth edition.
TEXTBOOK: Steven R. Lay, Analysis: With an Introduction to Proof. Pearson. Fifth Edition.

I will rarely refer to the textbook and you can manage without purchasing it, but should you choose to, it can serve as an additional resource.

Department of Mathematics Math 95