Upcoming Conferences & Workshops

Dates Conference Information
05/16/18-05/20/18 Chromatic Homotopy Theory, Journey to the Frontier
06/11/18-06/14/18 Joint meeting of the AMS and CMS - I am a coorganizer for the topology session.
06/18/18-06/22/18 Equivariant homotopy theory and K-theory - this is a week long summer school as part of the "Homotopy Theory Summer in Berlin" program.
08/13/18-08/17/18 Equivariant and Motivic Homotopy - at the Newton Institute as part of the program there.

Recently Run Conferences

Dates Conference Information
10/02/17-10/05/17 Winter School in Algebraic Topology - CIMAT Merida, Yucatan
06/11/17-06/17/17 Euro-Talbot: Dualities in Algebra, Geometry, and Topology
07/10/17-07/21/17 Floer Homology and Homotopy Theory
08/18/17-08/21/17 Homotopy theory in the ecliptic

2016 West Coast Algebraic Topology Summer School


AIM: Equivariant Derived Algebraic Geometry

(with Blumberg, Gerhardt, Ormsby) This AIM workshop will be a working group on equivariant derived algebraic geometry, exploring concrete problems in the field and determining avenues for future exploration.


Banff: Equivariant Derived Algebraic Geometry

(with Blumberg, Gerhardt, and Lawson) This Banff conference will be a series of talks by experts in algebraic topology, [derived] algebraic geometry, and equivaraint homotopy theory, describing the state of the art in eDAG.


Mid-Atlantic Topology Conference

Greg Arone, Slava Krushal, Tom Mark, and I ran a conference on the mathematics of Nick Kuhn in honor of his birthday.


Summer Graduate School: Algebraic Topology

Jose Cantarero and I ran a two week long summer school on topics of algebraic topology and homotopical group theory at CIMAT in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Spring 2014

Semester long program in algebraic topology at MSRI

(with Angeltveit, Blumberg, Carlsson, Gerhardt, and Lurie).

MSRI: Introductory Workshop: Algebraic Topology

This workshop will serve as a broad workshop, allowing all of us to have a common language and a common framework.


Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics: Lecture series on the Kervaire invariant

This is a series of lectures with a target audience of graduate students.


MSRI Summer Graduate Workshop: Algebraic Topology

This workshop strives to expose graduate students to a large swath of the foundations and fields in algebraic topology.


Virginia Conference on Algebraic Topology

This is a broad-based conference on functor calculus, operad thoery, higher categories, generalized homology theories, and all things homotopical!


Algebraic K-Theory and Equivariant Homotopy Theory

This workshop at beautiful BIRS brought together experts in equivariant homotopy and algebraic K-theory to talk about exciting developments in the field. Anna Marie Bohmann graciously took detailed notes for all of the talks. They can be found on her website.


Hot Topics: the Kervaire Invariant


FRG Workshop: Manifolds, Strings and 2D Quantum Field Theories


AMS Special Session on Homotopy Theory and Algebraic topology


Talbot Conference

I cofounded Talbot, and for years I ran it with C. Douglas, J. Francis, and A. Henriques. The primary goal is to introduce graduate students and early-career post-docs to cutting edge topics in modern mathematics.

Upcoming Workshops & Conferences to Attend

Dates Conference Information
Spring 2017

Algebro-Geometric and Homotopical Methods

04/03/17-04/07/17 Higher Invariants

Select Attended Conferences & Workshops

Dates Conference Information

Banff Workshop: Triangulated Categories and Applications


Banff Workshop: Operations in Highly Structured Homology Theories


Algebra and Number Theory Day 2016


Talbot 2016: Equivariant stable homotopy theory and the Kervaire invariant

I'm delighted to be returning to my Talbot roots, this time as a speaker!

May-July, 2015

HIMS Trimester Program: Homotopy theory, manifolds, and field theories


Equivariant and Motivic Homotopy Theory


MFO Workshop: Cohomology of Finite Groups: Interactions and Applications


MFO Workshop: Homotopy Theory

Summer 2014

International Congress of Mathematicians

Seoul, Korea. I'll be giving an invited address in the Topology Section.


Invited Address AMS Special Session - Louisville, KY


Master Class on Computations in Homotopy - Copenhagen, Denmark


Algebraic Topology: Applications and New Directions


Homotopical Algebra and Its Applications: Celebrating Yves Felix's 60th birthday


Lehigh University Geometry and Topology Conference


Caesarea Workshop on the Kervaire Invariant

I gave a series of talks at a workshop organized by Emmanuel Dror-Farjoun and David Blanc


VCU Pi Mu Epsilon Conference

I gave a talk here suitable for a general audience of math friendly undergrads.


2nd Annual Milnor Conference


MFO Workshop on Topology


Structured Ring Spectra


The Kervaire invariant and stable homotopy theory

This conference was a return to Edinburgh for the one year anniversary of the announcement of our solution to the Kervaire problem. This also served as a beautiful tribute to Mahowald's 80th birthday.