Updates to Financial Actuarial Math Courses

Published 8/4/2017 Dearest members, as many of you know, the Society of Actuaries will be revising its Preliminary Exams drastically in 2018. The Math Department plans to update UCLA’s Financial Actuarial Mathematics courses to match the new SOA syllabi. The following table, created by Professor Kong, summarizes the timing of the changes to the SOA exams and to our course syllabi. It should help students who are planning to take the SOA exams in the near future.

Course(s) Current Exam Remaining Current Exam Dates New Exam New Exam Effective Date Course Transition Date Comments
175 FM N/A FM N/A N/A Math 175 was revised in Spring 2017 to match the updated FM exam syllabus. This course will begin a transition to the lower division, with Math 75 offered starting Winter 2018. Math 175 will exist in Winter 2018 for seniors and juniors who declare the major in or declared the major before Winter 2018. Students who have yet to declare by then should enroll in the lower division course, unless an exception is made for students lacking upper-division units to graduate. Any student who takes Math 175 will have credit for Math 75.
174A MFE Nov. 17 & Mar. 18 IFM Jul. 18 Spring 2018 This course will undergo very significant changes. Up to 50% of content is new. Neither 174E, Stats C183 nor Econ 141 will be equivalent to 174A.
172B & 172C MLC Oct. 17 & Apr. 18 LTAM Oct. 18 Winter/Spring 2018* About 10% of the content is revised. Empirical Models from Exam C will replace Yield Curve and UL.
173A & 173B C Oct. 17, Feb. 18, & Jun. 18 STAM Oct. 18 Winter/Spring 2018* About 30% of the current C syllabus will be replaced with pricing and reserving for short term insurance.
177A SRM Sep. 18 Fall 2018** This is a new exam covering advanced mathematical statistics for risk modeling
177B PA Spring 2019** This is a new exam covering Predictive Analytics.
*Updated versions of the two UCLA courses will start with the W18-S18 sequence. **Tentative


Build yourself a solid foundation. UCLA offers courses which aim to give students a strong background in the topics tested in the associate level exams of the SOA and CAS. Students are still expected however, to dedicate a significant amount of time outside of these courses to study for the respective exam, as UCLA course and SOA/CAS exam syllabi are not identical.

To fulfill VEE credits, students must take one of the course tracks under each category.

Courses for Exams






Courses for VEE Credit

VEE Economics


VEE Corporate Finance

VEE Applied Statistics

Time Series
1 See the SOA's Alternate VEE Options
2 Must petition SOA/CAS for credit
3 Graduate level courses not typically accessible to undergraduates