Notes, book chapters and teaching materials

Materials from past teaching (unstable, not recommended for citation)

  • Notes and homeworks from Math 254A: Entropy and Ergodic Theory (UCLA fall quarter 2017). NOTE: I expect to retire this material over summer 2023. Please do not expect it to be available after June 30th.

Book contributions

The following will appear as a chapter in the proceedings of the Easter School on `Dynamics and Analytic Number Theory' held at Durham University, U.K., in April 2014. This pre-publication version is made available with the kind permission of Cambridge University Press.

Slides and notes from talks

Concentration of measure

Exchangeable random variables and related extremal combinatorics, spin glasses

  • For the `Conference on Graphs and Analysis', Institute for Advanced Study, June 2012:
  • For the `Workshop on Limit Theorems in Probability', January 2013. These were originally labelled as being for ISI, Bangalore. That was a typo: they were actually delivered at the Indian Institute of Science.

Ergodic theory: multiple recurrence and related arithmetic combinatorics

Cohomology of groups, topological algebra

Miscellaneous old notes

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