Math 54 Spring 2021

GSI: Patrick Lutz
Email: Reverse of ude.yelekreb “at” ztulgp
Office: 737 Evans (not that it matters)
Discussion 102: MWF 8-9 am PDT
Discussion 104: MWF 9-10 am PDT
Office Hours: M 12-1 pm, Th 4-5 pm (all times PDT)
Finals week office hours: M 12-4 pm PDT
See Piazza for zoom links for discussion sections and office hours.

One-on-one meetings: There are a limited number of appointments on bcourses. Sign up for a 30 minute slot to ask questions about the course or review specific concepts.

Review session: Thursday 2-4 pm PDT.

Questions and Feedback

Do you have a question you want me to address in the next discussion section? Or do you have any feedback about my teaching? Let me know by writing it in the box below.


Quizzes and Homework

Quizzes are released on gradescope every Wednesday and you will 24 hours to complete them. Scored quizzes and official solutions will be provided within one week.

Homework will be posted on the course website after each lecture and will be due the following week on Tuesday on gradescope. Solutions will be posted the next day on bcourses and scores will be available within one week.

See the official course website for more details.

A Comment on Learning Mathematics

It is natural when learning about a new topic in mathematics to be confused or to think you understand something when you actually don’t. However, it can often feel embarrassing to admit to being confused or to answer a question if your answer may be wrong. It is very useful to learn to overcome this feeling of embarrassment and to speak up even when you are not sure you are correct. For this reason, I will try my best to encourage everyone to ask questions and to answer them without judgement.


Resources for learning linear algebra

Old worksheets and old exams

Other useful stuff