Math 10B Spring 2018

GSI: Patrick Lutz
Email: Reverse of ude.yelekreb “at” ztulgp
Office: 1068 Evans
Finals Week Office Hours: M 3-5, Tu 3-5, W 10-12

Discussion 102: MWF 8-9 am in 6 Evans
Discussion 103: MWF 9-10 am in 71 Evans

Anonymous Feedback

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Discrete Probability


Matrix Algebra (linear algebra the evil way)

Final Review

A Comment on this Class

Linear Algebra is one of the most beautiful and widely applicable parts of mathematics. In this class, however, we need to cover linear algebra in about 2 weeks, which is not enough time to learn very much about any subject. So we will learn about linear algebra in a way that completely misses its beauty and even obscures many of the useful applications. C’est la vie.

A Question to Ponder

Who drew the image at the top of this page? And why?