Michael Andrews - PIC 16A


The first 5 weeks of this class are devoted to understanding the language of Python. I assume that students are comfortable with the material of 10A. This means that I can cover a lot quite quickly emphasizing the differences with C++. This part of the class is more abstract, but learning this material thoroughly is often the difference between being an average coder and an excellent coder.


The last 5 weeks of the class focus on some of Python's most useful libraries.

Libraries and topics:

Homework Assignments

The homework assignments in this class are some of the most interesting from the classes that I teach.

As an example, here is a quick summary of the assignment that I set on image processing.

a.jpg b.jpg c.jpg
Question 1: students put the first two images together to obtain the third image.
d.jpg e.jpg f.jpg
Question 2: students find the differences between the first two images to produce the third image.
g.jpg h.jpg i.jpg
Question 3: students perform "green-screening" to make the minion a sixth member of the Swedish extreme metal band Meshuggah.