Math 5651 (UVA)

Key Topics Notes
Introduction and Definitions PDF
Span and Linear Independence PDF
Basis and Free Vector Space PDF
Linear Transformations, Matrices, Kernels and Images PDF
Matrices, Dependence on Bases, Equivalence PDF
Quotient Spaces PDF
Isomorphism Theorems, Exactness, and Duality PDF
More properties of Dual Spaces PDF
Introduction to Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues PDF
Eigenbases and Jordan Form PDF
More on Decomposing Spaces into Eigenspaces PDF
Jordan Bases and Examples of Computing Jordan Form PDF
Bilinear Forms PDF
Tensor Products PDF
Matrices for Tensor Products of Maps PDF
Exterior Products I PDF
Exterior Products II PDF
Fun with Wedges PDF
Symmetric Powers and Algebras PDF
Inner Product Spaces PDF
Hilbert Spaces: Topological Parts PDF
Isometries and Miscellaneous Examples PDF
Linear Operators on Hilbert Spaces PDF


Description File
Homework #1 Set
Homework #2 Set