Files from discussion

Cards files

Header, source code, and test consumer are at the respective links.


Please note that this worksheet contains a typo.

Feedback survey

Go here.

Linear equations

The program to solve a linear equation we wrote is here. After class, Callum pointed out that the newlines we added at the very end aren't necessary; switching between std::cout and std::cin inserts them for us. Serves me right for trying to program without a computer! The superfluous newlines are not included in this version.


Our animation program is here.

Supplemental Libraries for Big C++

The source files to the supplemental libraries in Big C++, 2nd ed., are contained in this directory. I would recommend instead my versions (currently work-in-progress; do not include GUI (cwin) headers), which don't require adding additional source files to your compilation (build) process.

If you want to just use the book headers, a fully-compiled static library for 32-bit Windows is available here.