Math 31A (Section 1), Fall 2019: Differential and Integral Calculus

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Rogawski, Single Variable Calculus, 4th Edition

Homework 30% The lowest homework score will be dropped.
Midterms 40% This is the higher of
- 40% Midterm 1 + 60% Midterm 2
- 60% Midterm 1 + 40% Midterm 2,
or 80% Midterm if you miss another one.
Final Exam 30%

Homework will be posted the night before each class, and is due at the beginning of the the next class. If you miss a class, you are still responsible for handing in the homework on time, either by asking a classmate to hand it in for you, or by sending an email to the grader (cc'ing me) with a clear photo or scan of your assignment. To be fair to other students and to graders, late homework will NOT be accepted. The lowest homework score will be dropped.

You are encouraged to discuss the problems with other students. However, you must write up the solutions on your own, as writing helps you probe and deepen your understanding. Apart from help from me or the TAs, you must acknowledge any collaborators or cite references at the top of your assignement.

Midterm 1 Oct. 25 (Fri.) 8-8:50am MS 4000A
Midterm 2 Nov. 18 (Mon.) 8-8:50am MS 4000A
Final Exam Dec. 10 (Tues.) 8-11am TBD

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Monday Wednesday Friday
Week 0 (9/23-9/27) 1. Introduction
Week 1 (9/30-10/4) 2. Limit Laws, Limits and Continuity 3. Evaluating Limits Algebraically 4. Trigonometric Limits, Limits at Infinity
Week 2 (10/7-10/11) 5. Intermediate Value Theorem 6. Definition of the Derivative 7. The Derivative as a Function
Week 3 (10/14-10/18) 8. Product and Quotient Rules 9. Higher Derivatives, Trig Functions 10. The Chain Rule
Week 4 (10/21-10/25) 11. Implicit Differentiation 12. Related Rates 13. Midterm 1
Week 5 (10/28-11/1) 14. Linear Approximation, Extreme Values 15. Extreme Values continued 16. Mean Value Theorem
Week 6 (11/4-11/8) 17. The Shape of a Graph 18. Graph Sketching 19. Applied Optimization
Week 7 (11/11-11/15) No class (Veteran's Day) 20. Newton's Method, Area 21. The Definite Integral
Week 8 (11/18-11/22) 22. Midterm 2 23. The Indefinite Integral 24. Fundamental Theorem I
Week 9 (11/25-11/29) 25. Fundamental Theorem II 26. The Substitution Method No class (Thanksgiving)
Week 10 (12/2-12/6) 27. Areas Between Curves, Average Value 28. Volumes of Revolution 29. Method of Cylindrical Shells