Seminar on Faltings's Theorem

Spring 2016
Mondays 9:30am-11:00am at SC 232

[B] Bombieri, The Mordell Conjecture revisited (1990)
[BLR] Bosch, Lütkebohmert, Raynaud, Néron models
[D] Deligne, Preuve des conjectures de Tate et de Shafarevitch
[C] C.-L. Chai, Moduli of abelian varieties (survey style)
[CS] Cornell, Silverman, Arithmetic Geometry
[P] Parshin, Algebraic curves over function fields (1968)
[F] Faltings, Calculus on arithmetic surfaces
[G] Goresky, Compactifications and cohomology of modular varieties
[HS] Hindry, Silverman, Diophantine Geometry
[L] Lang, Introduction to Arakelov Theory
[M] Milne, Abelian Varieties
[N] Namikawa, Toroidal compactification of Siegel spaces, LNM 812
[S] Silverman, Advanced Topics in the Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves
[Sz1] Szpiro, Séminaire sur les pinceaux arithmétiques: la conjecture de Mordell
[Sz2] Szpiro, La conjecture de Mordell
[T1] Tate, Endomorphism of abelian varieties over finite fields (1966)
[T2] Tate, Finite flat group schemes
[T3] Tate, p-divisible groups

Related Papers:
Zarhin, Isogenies of abelian varieties over fields of finite characteristics (1974)
Zarhin, A remark on endomorphisms of abelian varieties over function fields of finite characterstics (1974)