Preston Wake


Office: MS 6903

wake at math dot ucla dot edu

Department of Mathematics, UCLA

Los Angeles, CA 90095


I am an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in the UCLA math department. I received my PhD from the University of Chicago, where my advisor was Kazuya Kato.

I am applying for tenure-track positions in Fall 2017. Here is my CV.

Here is a video of a lecture I gave at the New Directions in Iwasawa Theory workshop at BIRS in Banff, Alberta.


I am interested in number theory and arithmetic geometry.


The rank of Mazur's Eisenstein ideal.
Joint with Carl Wang-Erickson.
Preprint (2017).

Deformation conditions for pseudorepresentations.
Joint with Carl Wang-Erickson.
Preprint (2017).

Primitive elements in p-divisible groups.
Joint with Robert Kottwitz.
Research in Number Theory (2017). Journal version.

Ordinary pseudorepresentations and modular forms.
Joint with Carl Wang-Erickson.
To appear in Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society.

Full level structures revisited: pairs of roots of unity.
Journal of Number Theory (2016). Journal version.

Pseudo-modularity and Iwasawa theory.
Joint with Carl Wang-Erickson.
To appear in American Journal of Mathematics.

Eisenstein Hecke algebras and conjectures in Iwasawa theory.
Algebra and Number Theory (2015). Journal version.

Hecke algebras associated to Λ-adic modular forms.
Journal für die Reine und Angewandte Mathematik (Crelle's Journal) (2015). Journal version.


This year, I will be teaching ``Inquiry in numbers". This is an inquiry-based learning course I designed with Olga Turanova for the UCLA Honors Collegium. The course was selected in a university-wide competition for innovative teaching and learning.

For more information, see our course proposal.

Preston Lecturing