Extended Probabilistic Operator Algebras Seminar
Seminar program

9:30-10:10VoiculescuPartial transforms for some simple bi-free convolutions
10:20-11:00SkoufranisIndependences from and Partial Transformations for Bi-Free Pairs of Faces
11:10-11:50CharlesworthCombinatorics of Bi-free Probability
1:50-2:30MingoFreeness and Broken Symmetries
2:40-3:20RenfrewEigenvalue densities of Structured Random Matrices
3:50-4:30IoanaLocal spectral gap for simple Lie groups
9:30-10:10ShlyakhtenkoRegularity questions for polynomials of non-commutative random variables
10:20-11:00HartglassFree product graph algebras and atomless loopss
11:10-11:50PenneysProgress in the classification of small index subfactors
1:50-2:30HeltonFree Probability and System Realizations
2:40-3:20GoodNevanlinna-Pick Interpolation for Weighted Hardy Algebras
3:50-4:30ZimmermanLogarithmic Sobolev Inequalities, Convolutions, and Applications
Seminar Dinner: Saturday at 5:30pm
9:30-10:10SrivastavaFinite Free Convolutions of Polynomials
10:20-11:00MarcusPolynomial Convolutions and Free Probability
11:10-11:50BrannanThe Connes embedding property for quantum group von Neumann algebras
1:50-2:30KuperbergQuantum metrics and quantum graphs in the von Neumann algebra style
An example of factoriality under non-tracial finite free Fisher information assumptions
3:50-4:30AvsecSymmetries of Noncommutative Brownian Motions
9:30-10:10Jungeq-gaussian actions
Extended de Finetti theorems for boolean independence and monotone independence
11:10-11:50HayesEmbedding Dimension and Regularity Problems in von Neumann Algebras

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