Extended Probabilistic Operator Algebras Seminar 2015

The seminar will take place at the Mathematics Department, UC Berkeley. Lectures will start on Friday 5/8 and end by mid-day on Monday 5/11.

Stephen Avsec (Texas A&M), Michael Brannan (UIUC), Ian Charlesworth (UCLA), Jennifer Good (Iowa), Michael Hartglass (UCR), Ben Hayes (Vanderbilt), Bill Helton (UCSD), Adrian Ioana (UCSD), Marius Junge (UIUC), Greg Kuperberg (UCD), Weihua Liu (UCB), Adam Marcus (Crisply/Princeton), Adam Merberg (UCB), James Mingo (Queens), Brent Nelson (UCLA), Dave Penneys (UCLA), David Renfrew (UCLA), Paul Skoufranis (Texas A&M), Nikhil Srivastava (UCB), David Zimmermann (UCSD)

Support: Travel support for the participants will be partially provided from National Science Foundation Funds. Priority in funding is given to graduate students, postdocs and researchers otherwise not having NSF support.

All talks are in 736 Evans Hall