Math 117 Spring 2016
Homework Assignments

Homework assignments are to be turned in during class on the day that they are due (either at the beginning or end of class, not in the middle!). Do not submit homework by e-mail. No late homework will be accepted. However, the lowest homework score will be dropped.

I encourage you to form study groups in the class with friends / people you like. When faced with a homework question, you should make sure that you understand the relevant material from lectures first. Discussing the lectures with others in your study group and/or talking to Kevin and myself can help. You should try to solve a problem by yourself first. When you have enough thoughts about it, you can talk with others in your study group about it. Working in groups is generally beneficial to your understanding and helps you learn how to communicate clearly about mathematics. However, you must write up all solutions yourself and not copy off of others work. Moreover, since crediting your collaborators is an important element of academic ethics, you should write down with whom you worked at the top of each assignment. You must also cite any sources you use other than the lecture or the textbook (other textbooks, a blog about analysis, etc.).

Part of the goal of this course it to teach you how to write proofs. To emphasize mistakes in your proofs and to encourage you to care about them, we will have a strict homework grading policy, at least in the early part of the quarter. A correct proof will receive full credit. If Kevin is not convinced, he will assign zero. I hope you will come and talk to us to see how to fix up your proofs, until you receive full credit every time.

Homeworks should be neatly written and legible. You can lose points for the homework being poorly organized, illegible, and of course for having incorrect answers.

Homework 1 -- Due Friday, April 1.

Homework 2 -- Due Monday, April 11.

Homework 3 -- Due Monday, April 18.

Homework 4 -- Due Monday, April 25.

Midterm 1.

Homework 5 -- Due Monday, May 2.

Homework 6 -- Due Wednesday, May 11.

Midterm 2 preparation.

Midterm 2.

Homework 7 -- Due Monday, May 23.

Homework 8 -- Due Wednesday, June 1.

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