Math 110B - Algebra - Winter 2018

Lecture MWF 10-10:50am, MS 5138
Professor Chandrashekhar Khare
Office MS 6159
Office hours MW 2-3
Discussion T 10-10:50am, MS 5138
Teaching Assistant Laurent Vera
Office MS 6146
Office hours T 11-1, W 4-6

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Homework 1, due Friday 1/19. Note: given that there is more time to complete this homework, it will be longer than usual and worth twice as much as the other homework. Solutions.
Homework 2, due Friday 1/26. Solutions.
Homework 3, due Friday 2/2. Solutions.
Homework 4, due Friday 2/9. Solutions.
Homework 5, due Friday 2/16. Solutions.
Homework 6, due Friday 2/23. Solutions.
Homework 7, due Friday 3/2.

Practice problems and midterms
Practice for midterm 1, and the solutions.
Solutions of the first midterm.
Practice for midterm 2.