Graduate Seminar Course Math 285J:

Mathematical Aspects of Computational Materials Science

Grading Policy

There will be few or no homework assignments in this class. There will be no exams. However, every student is expected to do one of the following (besides regular attendance) in order to get a very good grade:
  • Give a talk/seminar during the last week. You can give a talk about a research paper that is relevant to the course material, and/or relevant to your own research. You can either pick the paper and/or topic yourself, or get it assigned.
  • Do a numerics project. This should be a project that is relevant to the course. You may pick the subject yourself, but need to discuss it with me.
  • Under special circumstances, you can also give a seminar about your own research. Please discuss this with me.
  • All the seminars will be given during the last week of class (March 11 and 13). If we need extra time, we might also use an additional day, such as Friday, March 8.