Homeworks for Math 151A

Homeworks are typically assigned on Fridays, and are due the following Friday during class. The homeworks will typically consist of some theoretical problems, and a numerical problem. It is strongly encouraged that the numerics problems are done using Matlab. We will also give some support if you want to use C++ or FORTRAN. There won't be any support if you plan to use another programming language. An introduction to Matlab will be given in the first discussion period.
Here are some useful links:

Every student has an account in the PIC Lab, which is in BH2817

Solutions: I will try to post solutions to the homeworks after they have been returned and graded. These will be just handwritten notes; there is no guarantee that they are correct, or that they represent the only (or best) way to solve the problems. If you think you found a mistake, please let me know!

Homework 1 assigned: Jan 12; due: Jan 21. (Solutions [pdf])

Homework 2 assigned Jan. 21; due: Jan 28.

Homework 3 assigned Jan. 28; due: Feb. 4. (Solutions [pdf])

Homework 4 assigned Feb. 4; due: Feb. 11. (Solutions [pdf])

Homework 5 assigned Feb. 15; due: Feb. 25. (Solutions [pdf])

Homework 6 assigned Feb. 25; due: Mar. 4. (Solutions [pdf])

Homework 7 assigned Mar 4; due: Mar. 11. (Solutions [pdf])

Homework 8 assigned Mar 11; will not be collected! (Solutions [pdf])