Bruin Actuarial Society 2017-2018 Code of Conduct

All members of Bruin Actuarial Society are required to agree to abide by the terms of the Code of Conduct, the full text of which follows:


As members of Bruin Actuarial Society, all students, alumni and officers are responsible for maintaining the highest ethical standards. Bruin Actuarial Society values integrity, honesty, and fairness and strives to integrate these values into our practices.


This Code is a shared document among all Bruin Actuarial Society members, and it is our commitment to use the highest ethical and professional standards as the basis of all decisions. We are each accountable for our own actions and are collectively responsible for upholding standards of behavior.


Self-accountability is the cornerstone of ethics. As members of Bruin Actuarial Society and students at University of California, Los Angeles, you are expected to be honest with yourself and answerable for what you say and do. You must look beyond the immediate moment to consider the consequences of your actions.


Becoming a Member

You can become a paid member of Bruin Actuarial Society if you are a UCLA student or alumnus. You will need to (1) pay $40 for annual membership and then (2) fill out the Membership Form.

There are three methods of payment from which to choose. You can pay in cash at a BAS event or at office hours during Week 1 of Fall 2017, with times TBA to our mailing list, by Venmo @bruinactuarialsociety, or through PayPal below. You will need your receipt number if you paid in cash, your Venmo handle, or the email address associated with your PayPal account to complete the Membership Form.

Paying for Membership through PayPal

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