Majors and Minors at UCLA

Embark on your actuarial journey. UCLA offers several majors and minors related to the actuarial profession. Of course, you aren't required to major in an actuarial-related field to enter the industry, but doing so definitely makes you a more qualified and prepared candidate for a position. Below are majors at UCLA relevant to the actuarial profession (or jump to minors and specializations).

B.S. Financial Actuarial Mathematics
The Financial Actuarial Mathematics (FAM) major is designed for students interested in working in the actuarial field or in field which applies mathematics, finance, and statistics. At the end of this program, students will have sufficient knowledge to pass the first five preliminary SOA exams: P/1, FM/2, MFE/3F, MLC/LC, and C/4. UCLA's FAM major is one of the more well-known programs on teh west coast, and has a faculty of working and retired actuaries.

B.S. Mathematics/Economics
The Mathematics/Economics program is designed to give students a solid foundation in both mathematics and economics, stressing those areas of mathematics and statistics that are most relevant to economics and the parts of economics that emphasize the use of mathematics and statistics. It is ideal for students who may wish to complete a higher degree in economics.

B.S. Statistics
The curriculum of the Statistics major is designed to give students knowledge and skills for either continued education or immediate employment. In addition to learning essential statistical concepts (experimental design, causation, graphical analysis, inference, linear models), students who earn a B.S. degree in Statistics will have knowledge of mathematics (calculus, analysis, probability) and computer skills (data management, basic programming).

If you are considering a minor or specialization while at UCLA, note that there are a few minors that apply to the actuarial field and supplement the actuarial major.

Specialization in Computing (for Mathematics Majors)
This specialization is a great supplement for anyone looking for a technical profession. The specialization in computing for students in the mathematics department aims to give students a strong foundation in programming logic for applications. Computer programming is increasingly relevant in today's world, and the object-oriented languages studied in the specialization make the transition to self-study of VBA for Excel smooth and easy for actuarial students.

Accounting Minor
Those looking for a strong background in accounting will find it in this minor. As you progress in your career, a strong grasp of business knowledge becomes essential. The minor also provides an invaluable education in business skills useful in the modern actuarial world. Finally, the accounting minor also takes care of the Corporate Finance VEE.

Statistics Minor
Students in the statistics minor develop the strength to discover and analyze trends within data. Obviously, statistics is a useful program for anyone interested in the actuarial profession.