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Winter Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Scholarship Opportunity

In many research fields, interdisciplinary collaboration is becoming increasingly important. Complex questions often require multiple perspectives and skill sets. Outside of academia, many jobs require the same skills as successful interdisciplinary ventures: the ability to analyze problems from different perspectives, to work in a team, to communicate clearly with people from a wide range of backgrounds, and to manage multiple priorities. The earlier students start to hone these abilities in their careers, the more easily many will find it to develop these skills.


Anheuser-Busch GMT Scholarship for first and second-year students

This scholarship offers full-tuition funding (less financial aid, grants and other scholarships) to the selected students, as well as mentorship, work experience, public service, and international exposure. Scholarship recipients are provided a paid internship at AB InBev over their four year academic career.  Internships are in the following areas: Sales, Marketing, IT, Innovation, Supply Chain, Brewery Operations, Disruptive Growth and More!



CalTeach S-STEM Scholarship for 2017-18 - $10,000 - Application due May 17, 2017

The UCLA CalTeach program is offering a one-year S-STEM Scholarship, funded by the National Science Foundation, that is designed for UCLA Science, Engineering and Mathematics undergraduate majors who are pursuing careers either 1) in secondary school teaching, or 2) who plan to teach in community college, a four-year college, or university, as part of an academic career.