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Math Diagnostic Test

Instructions to take Online Diagnostic Test

The Mathematics Diagnostic Test (MDT) is now online with limited time periods where the the test can be taken and the results are uploaded. Students are encouraged to take the test as soon as possible because enrollment in mathematics courses is very limited.

The MDT is used purely for placement of students who wish to enroll into Math 1, Math 3A or Math 31A at UCLA only. Students need to receive a specific and valid score on this test in order to enroll into a math class. Students who are still waiting for AP test scores or transfer credit to show on their official records should take this test in case something happens. The test results will not override any credit given by the Admissions Office.

This is a 120 minute timed exam with 60 questions. It is not possible to leave the exam and return to it. Once you exit the browser, the test will end and your score will be the number of questions you answered correctly. You will receive one (1) point for every correct answer and zero (0) points for incorrect or unanswered questions. Since this is a diagnostic test with no grades attached, it will be to the student's disadvantage to cheat or guess on this test (you do not want to be placed in a class where you are not qualified to receive a good grade). Students who score 35 or higher will be able to enroll into Math 3A or Math 31A when it is their enrollment time. A score of 15 to 34 will place students into Math 1.

Students are only allowed two (2) attempts on the diagnostic exam. The second score, for better or worse, will be placed into the student's record. It is the student's responsibility to make sure they are prepared for the test and the testing environment is optimal at each attempt. Due to the volume of participants, we do not have the resources to sort out reasons for poor scores which is why students are given two opportunities to take the test.

NO BOOKS, NOTES, SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL, OR OUTSIDE HELP IS ALLOWED. SIMPLE CALCULATORS ARE OPTIONAL. SCIENTIFIC CALCULATORS AND MORE SOPHISTICATED DEVICES ARE PROHIBITED. Students should not be looking on the internet for answers or contacting other people for help during the test. By participating in this test, you agree to comply with all UCLA policies and procedures on academic integrity (http://www.deanofstudents.ucla.edu/Academic-Integrity). It is the student's responsibility to read and understand all aspects of the True Bruin Code of Conduct (http://www.deanofstudents.ucla.edu/Student-Conduct). If you have any questions about the Code of Conduct, please contact the Student Services Office of the Mathematics Department at (310) 206-1286 or ugrad [at] math [dot] ucla [dot] edu. If UCLA and/or the UCLA Mathematics Department determine that a student has acted dishonestly, appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken, up to and including being banned from math courses. At UCLA, the standard disciplinary process will be followed in accordance with applicable campus policies and procedures. By proceeding with this test, the participant acknowledges that they have read the Code of Conduct.

Please click HERE for step by step instructions on how to take the test.

Please check back regularly for updates. Students who are interested in enrolling into a math course at New Student Orientation MUST take the Math Diagnostic Exam before June 30, 2016. Students that take the exam after June 30, 2016 will not be able to enroll into a math course at New Student Orientation.