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American Culture and Conversation Program Fall Quarter

Friday, September 15, 2017

The Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars has created a program called the “American Culture & Conversation” program.  It is a conversation-based program that teaches international students about all aspects of current American culture so that they can integrate into UCLA and American culture more quickly.  It meets once a week for two hours for eight weeks of the academic quarter.  This program is a great way to get leadership and teaching experience.  No formal teaching experience is required, we are mostly looking for volunteer instructors who have a passion for helping international students!

Lesson plans are based on UCLA traditions, social etiquette, travel, romantic relationships, etc. so we expect our instructors to be comfortable and well-versed in contemporary and LA culture.  For example, the instructors should be able to answer questions about current trends in relationships (dating, talking, friends with benefits, etc.), current trends in slang or UCLA traditions.

Keep in mind that the time commitment is minimal – approximately 2 hours per week!  Classes start week 2 of the fall quarter and end in week 9 of the quarter.

Because the class conversation revolves around various aspects of American culture and the English language we are looking for the following characteristics of the volunteers:

1)            Native English Speaker

2)            Born and Raised in the United States (or has lived majority of their life in the US)

3)            Up-to-date on contemporary US culture (slang, social media, university life, etc)

Click here to apply! This quarter's deadline is Friday, September 15th. 

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact Svetlana Kalinina, AC&C Co-coordinator, at intlprograms@saonet.ucla.edu.